Clayton Veterinary Associates

While watching the morning news this morning, I saw the commercial for Pet Armour, the flea and tick preventative that “has the same active ingredients found in Frontline, at half the cost”. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I hear some one comparing their product to another one, that tells me the other product has a known name, has been around for a long time, and is probably their biggest competitor. If I owned Frontline, I’d be calling up the Pet Armour people and thanking them for all the great advertising. The Frontline name gets used over and over again.  Being in the pet industry, I’ve had first hand experience with both products and I would choose Frontline anyway, because I know it works better, is easier to handle, is less greasy, has less volume, and less odor.  There’s probably something to that old adage, “you get what you pay for”.

Personally, I don’t use any flea or tick preventative products on my own dogs. We live in an older neighborhood with an acre of land. It is mown grass in the yard, cement and rocks around the pool, and a center island with trees and bushes. Our dogs do occasionally bring in a tick or two, but considering there are six dogs, we have minimal problems. Our cats, on the other hand, bring in all kinds of baby ticks, mostly around their face and eyes. Those little guys are hard to find and hard to remove. So, I’ve broken down and applied Frontline.

For the past few weeksHueand I have been tromping through lots of farmland in our search for a new farm or property for horses. We are becoming experts at rating properties on their tick counts. One property resulted in dozens of hitch hikers on us and we sat in the realtor’s office pulling off ticks while having a conversation. (Can’t imagine what the realtor was thinking). We race for home after these hikes and can’t wait to do the search to get the dumb ticks off. Clothes go into a scalding hot wash and we go for the hot shower. For Hue, this process isn’t so bad because he has a shaved head. I, on the other hand, have a mess of long, curly, coarse hair. Every time I get the smallest tingle on my scalp I think there must be a tick and it makes me nuts. I have been threatening to put Frontline on my head, but so far, I’ve avoided it. Anyone got any ideas?